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Manchineel –World’s Most Dangerous Tree

Manchineel grows in areas like Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas, and has as marking a warning red band. The passers are asked not to approach it or sit under it.

Manchineel –World’s Most Dangerous Tree 3

It is said that Christopher Columbus called it the “little poisonous apple tree”, although the fruit is not the most toxic part of the tree.

Manchineel has a milky white sap, which is poisonous and caustic. A single drop on the skin can cause burns, dermatitis or swelling.


Those who chose to seek shelter from the rain under the toxic tree have learned on their own skin the power of Manchineel.

By firing, the tree produces a smoke that can lead to blindness or permanent loss of eyesight.  The warning applies to the leaves as well. Manchineel is the leader in the Guinness Book at the chapter of the most dangerous trees in the world.

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