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Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013

Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013 1

We are far away from the times when we could hardly find a nice hotel in a city that we wanted to visit. Today, luxury hotels are located in all the touristic destinations, whether we’re talking about an exotic resort, financial centers or cultural cities. However, the inauguration of new exclusive hotels is just another moment of joy because competition means better prices for the clients and better services.  Next, you will discover nine of the most exquisite hotels, which are or will be opened this year.

Parkroyal, Singapore

Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013 2

The architects who have worked at this project, wanted to redefine the concept of luxury hotel. These units have at least one aspect in common: they rarely offer the clients a splendid view without putting them in direct contact with the nature. Parkroyal is equipped with suspended gardens that stretch over a total surface of 15.000 square meters and is located at the entrance of the financial center of Singapore, on the opposite side of Hong Lim Park.  Orchid Club lounge placed on the roof provides its guests a beautiful panoramic view over the city. The hotel features 367 rooms and was opened on January, 16.

Peninsula Hotel, Paris

Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013 3

The European hotel brands present in Asia are something usual, but the Asian hotels entering the heart of Europe is an absolute novelty, especially when talking about a unit inaugurated in Paris.

The hotel chain Peninsula, with representation in Hong Kong and Shanghai, bought 20% of the shares of a building built in the 19th century and located near the Arc de Triomphe. First, the building was named Hotel Majestic and starting with this year, the new Peninsula Hotel will host 200 rooms, from which 46 are apartments. The facilities include 3 restaurants, conference rooms, a spa and a pool. The first Peninsula Hotel from Paris will be inaugurated at the end of 2013.

Mandarin Oriental, Shanghai

Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013 4

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in China and an important commercial center in Asia. The city features one of the fastest growing economies, which made the opening of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, in March, 2013, fit perfectly into the landscape. The hotel includes 44 apartments, 318 spacious rooms and a 790 square meter presidential suite.

The six restaurants and the bars will offer customers an outstanding culinary experience, based mostly on the Chinese cuisine and the Western European one. Mandarin Hotel is distinguished by the spa center inspired by Chinese medicine.

Sheraton Hotel, Dubai

Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013 5

The mall from the United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular shopping areas, housing over 500 international brands, and also the first indoor ski slope in the Middle East. Along with the hotel opening in Dubai, the Starwood chain expanded the network of Sheraton units from the Orient. The hotel in Dubai was opened at the beginning of this year and hosts 481 rooms, from which 94 are apartments. The hotel will benefit from 4 restaurants and lounges, plus the numerous locations located inside the mall. Sheraton Hotel in Dubai is the perfect choice for the weekend for those who want a unique shopping experience in the Arabian Peninsula.

JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai

Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013 6

In the chapter “imposing buildings”, Dubai competes seriously with New York and the Hotel JW Marriott Marquis contributes greatly to the competition. The two giant towers host 804 rooms and have been presented to the audience in October 2012, but the big inauguration took place in February 2013. The hotel hosts 1608 rooms, 9 restaurants and 5 lounges. For revelers, a club will be opened until late hours of the night. Despite the hoteliers’ habit of renting the upper floors of the tall buildings to different companies, JW Marriott Marquis is dedicated exclusively to the related activities, so we do not recommend those who are afraid of heights to accommodate the upper floors.

Shangri La, Shard, London

Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013 7

Shard Tower, inaugurated with the occasion of the Olympics in London, changed significantly the aspect of the appearance of downtown. Shangri La Hotel positioned between the 34 and 52 floors of the tower, will host 185 rooms, each of 42 square meters, and 17 apartments that will offer the clients the most spectacular view in the entire city. The hotel will provide customers an ultramodern fitness center and a large indoor pool. Its position in downtown and also the spaces dedicated to business meetings make from Shangri La an excellent option for business people. The unit was inaugurated in February, this year.

Fonab Castle, Scotland

Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013 8

All the stories, from “Aladdin” to “The Beauty and the Beast” start in a castle. We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to live his own story in such a place. Starting with April 2013, this dream became reality because the former property of the Sanderman family was inaugurated under the form of a hotel. Located in Pertshire Highlands, Fonab castle includes 31 rooms, from which 13 are located inside the castle, and the other 18 are placed in another annex. Also, other 36 rustic but exclusive cottages will be offered for rent. Each cottage is equipped with a hot tub. There is also a matrimonial suite –every woman’s dream, with an oversized bed, a spectacular vaulted ceiling and a gorgeous bathroom.

LVMH The Maison, Maldive

Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013 9

For the fashion brands, expanding the business towards the hotelier area is not a novelty. This tendency is also manifesting in the case of LVMH, which already owning the Cheval Blanc Courchevel property, intents to inaugurate The Maison in Maldives this year. Created in collaboration with the designer Jean Michel Gathy, the new hotelier complex will bring a part of the Cheval Blanc Courchevel’s shine in the discreet region Noonu Atoll in Maldives. The complex will include 45 villas – a tribute to the Maldives Archipelago. The cuisine will be run by the renowned chef Yannick Alleno, decorated with three Michelin stars.

Ritz Carlton, Abu Dhabi

Luxury Hotels Opened In 2013 10

Abu Dhabi has become a luxury destination with the expansion of Dubai and is currently considered an ideal destination for business and leisure. The opulence of the metropolis makes Ritz Carlton be a part of these lands.

The hotel that features Venetian influences will be crescent-shaped positioned and will host 447 rooms and 85 villas. The entire complex will cover an area of 33 hectares and will include a private beach. The villas will occupy areas between 90 and 130 square meters, and their lease comes with a personal valet. The spas, the tennis courts, the fitness center, the bars and the restaurants are part of the complex, but pale in front of the huge pool of 1,600 square meters. Ritz Carlton in Abu Dhabi was inaugurated earlier this year.

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