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Luoping, China – The Paradise of Rapeseed Flowers

Each spring, in the little Chinese province Luoping, an impressive event is being organized: thousands of acres of blooming rapeseed create an incredible landscape.

Luoping, China – The Paradise of Rapeseed Flowers 2

Located in the eastern region of Yunnan, Luoping is one of the first places in China, where the rapeseed blossoms. In a landscape shaped by thousands of years through terracing and irrigation works, the spring show is one of the most impressive things of the season, around the world. The yellow color of the flowers strongly contrasts with the dark shades of the “one hundred thousand hills” that cover the region and the result attracts every year thousands of photographers worldwide.

With the flowering season of rape, honey producers install their hives at the edge of the rape paddies, for the bees to produce the best honey.

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