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Loneliness Gene Discovered by Chinese Researchers

The gene that determines people to remain singe all their life was discovered by the Chinese researches at the University of Beijing. Chinese scientists have called it “the loneliness gene” and the people who own this fragment in their DNA are 20% most likely to spend their entire life alone.

According to the researchers, the gene that determines the decrease of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that influences the mood state, makes the wearers not feel at their ease in a relationship. Therefore, this loneliness gene makes the wearers not want to start a relationship, and if they start it they will end every time breaking up with their partners.

Loneliness Gene Discovered by Chinese Researchers

In this study were analyzed the DNAs of about 600 Chinese students who gave hairs for research purposes. Thus, those who were carriers of “G” mutation were more likely to remain alone, compared to those who were carriers of “C” mutation.

60% of volunteers with “G” mutation were alone, while only 50% of the volunteers with “C” mutation were not in a relationship.

The key element of this discovery is 5-HTA1 gene that plays an essential role in the brain.

People carrying the “G” mutation synthesize less serotonin, which means that they feel much happier when they are alone and also have difficulty in finding a life partner. In addition, they tend to become neurotic and depressive.

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