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List of Cigarette Ingredients Might Make You Think Twice About Lighting Up

Each one of us knows that cigarettes are harmful, but few are those who know what substances they inhale when they smoke.

The website Smoke Free Forsyth, created to help people in Forsyth, North Carolina to quit smoking, showed that cigarettes contain no more than 4,000 chemicals, according to

List of Cigarette Ingredients

The arsenic, which is used for the rat poison, or the acetone, which removes the nail polish is found in cigarettes.

The ammonia used to clean the toilet, the butane, hexamine (to ignite the grill), carbon monoxide, acetic acid (vinegar), cadmium (to produce batteries) are also in cigarettes.

Cyanide and the banned insecticide called DDT are also found in cigarettes.

Cigarettes also contain formaldehyde, which is used in preserving dead animals, hydrazine (rocket fuel) and stearic acid, which is found in candles.

In cigarettes we also find lead, which is poisonous in large quantities, and polonium, a radioactive element that causes cancer.

List of Cigarette Ingredients  2

“One of the issues with cigarettes is that they have hundreds of added ingredients, not just what is naturally in the tobacco plant,” Dr Luz Claudio, an environmental health scientist with Mount Sinai School of Medicine said. “What complicates this even more is that when these chemicals burn, they form other chemicals that may have additional effects on health.”, he added.

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