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Life on Earth Will Disappear Over A Billion Years

According to a recent study, all species of animals and plants on Earth will disappear over a billion years. The irony is that even if today we fear the environmental effects of carbon dioxide, the cause of the disappearance will be the too small quantity of this gas, say the study authors.

Life on Earth Will Disappear Over A Billion Years

As the Sun grows old and gets hotter, the more powerful evaporation and chemical reactions of the substances with the rain water will remove more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

In less than a billion years, the carbon dioxide level will become too small for the photosynthetic plants to survive.

When the plants will die, life on Earth, as we know it, will cease to exist. With the disappearance of plants and herbivorous animals, the carnivores will die as well.

Eventually, there will be only microorganisms, but these will not survive indefinitely. After another billion years, the oceans will be completely dried up, remaining only a few highly resistant species of microorganisms.

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