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LG’s Bendable 77” OLED TV Prototype

LG introduced at CES Las Vegas a TV prototype, which has a screen that bends according to user preferences. The TV is an OLED with a 77-inch screen and 4K resolution, being the first in the world to change its shape. The change is made directly from the remote.

LG’s Bendable 77” OLED TV Prototype

So, if for example you want to see a movie in widescreen mode, you must click on the dedicated button on the remote control and the TV bends in seconds.

These TVs would also have the extra advantage, compared to those with fixed curvature, of being able to cancel the curvature and be flat on the wall when they are not used.

LG says that this is the future and that in 2015 will begin to develop on a large scale these devices.

Samsung is another giant that presented an OLED TV prototype with a flexible screen of 85 inch, which has a curvature that can also be personalized with the remote.


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