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LG Reveals 18-Inch Flexible, Rollable and Transparent OLED Panels

LG has announced that they have managed to develop the first 18 inch flexible OLED screen and they are working hard on developing a 60 inch TV, which will be packed like a sheet of paper and will be resistant to knocks, water and dust.

The new OLED display protected with a polyamide foil, has a thickness of only 3 cm and a resolution of 1200 x 810 pixels.

LG Reveals 18-Inch Flexible, Rollable and Transparent OLED Panels 2

LG is also working on a transparent OLED display that allows a resolution that is three times better than Full HD and that will consume five times less energy that today’s gadgets.

According to the head of LG Display, In-Byung Kang, the new OLED displays are expected to enter mass production by 2017, when we will see the first TVs with such displays.

PlasticLogic has launched on the internet a video presentation that exposes some of their OLED products. Of course, they are not the first company that shows such products, but it’s the first to have the courage of taking the first step forward, which means moving to mass production.

LG, Samsung, Sony and Apple are developing, in turn, such displays but they chose to implement these fundamental changes gradually, for reasons related to trade policy.


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