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Legoland Billund – Denmark’s Largest Tourist Attraction outside Copenhagen

3 Jun 2014 by admin

Billund is a small town in Denmark, a picturesque place famous for its colorful buildings and for the theme park Legoland. In Billund is found the largest airport in Denmark, aspect that facilitates even more the access to the city. The population of only 6,194 inhabitants lives a quiet life in one of the most beautiful cities in Denmark, far from the urban bustle of the big cities of the world.

Legoland Billund

The theme park was opened in 1968, but from then until today has greatly developed, becoming a place full of fun for adults and children.

Legoland Billund  2

Many families from around the world arrive in Billund to spend more time outdoors, to enjoy the green space and the city zoo. Here are exposed hundreds of interesting species, the zoo being the place where each one of us sees or learns something new about the exotic animals on Earth.

Legoland Billund  3

Billund is a fairly accessible tourist destination, where are found accommodations for all tastes. Whether you choose luxury hotels, hostels or camping, you should know that here is the place where you will enjoy an excellent vacation.

Legoland Billund  5