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Learn the Proper Way of Eating a Bonbon from Warren Buffett

One of the great things in being a billionaire is that you can help people in need. Warren Buffet is one of those billionaires who got a “sweet” idea. He is all set to auction off an all one can eat tour of his See’s Candy Factory.

The bidding has already touched $30,000 and the auction, which is being run on will continue until August 13th. All funds that will be raised are for schools in Los Angeles.

The great thing about this whole program is the fact that the winner will have the opportunity of learning how to eat a bonbon from Buffett himself.

On the other hand, the winner of this year’s lunch auction paid around $1,000,100 to get the chance of meeting Buffett.

During the candy auction tour, the winner will also get the chance of having a short meeting with the famous billionaire.

Buffett is now 82 years old and decided to start giving away his fortunes for charity purposes.

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