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Lamborghini’s Egoista: A One-Seat Car You Can’t Buy

Lamborghini presented a unique concept, a one-seat car, which you’ll never get because it will never be produced. Its name is Egoista!

Lamborghini’s Egoista A One-Seat Car You Can’t Buy 1

Lamborghini Egoista is the 50th anniversary present for the company and no matter the amount of the offers that may come, the car will never be produced although Walter da Silva, the designer, admits that “he looked towards the brand’s future” when he draw it. This means that we may find similar elements on the future Gallardo.

There will be just one copy of Egoista and, theoretical, it is designed just for one driver who will get to enjoy the V10, 5.2 liters engine and 600 HP with maximum power. Because it looks a lot like an Apache combat helicopter, Egoista has a cockpit inspired by the aeronautical world. This car is painted in a color that cannot be detected by radars.

Enjoy the gallery below!

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