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Lake Hillier – Mysterious Pink Lake in Australia

The earth is made up of a multitude of natural wonders that amaze us with their beauty and that make us wonder what processes could form such places. Lake Hillier is one of the wonders of this world, which wouldn’t be very different from the other lakes on Earth if its waters weren’t deep pink. Lake Hillier is located in the eastern part of Australia, where are found several pink lakes. The area is truly unique; Lake Hillier occupies an area of approximately 600 meters in length, being surrounded by a border of sand and dense eucalyptus forests.

Lake Hillier – Mysterious Pink Lake in Australia 5

It is estimated that Lake Hillier was first discovered in 1802, when a team of explorers reached the region. The pink waters amazed them, so they collected some water from the lake and tasted it, finding it very salty. The color of the water doesn’t change if collected in a container and complex studies have shown that these waters don’t have adverse effects on humans.

Lake Hillier – Mysterious Pink Lake in Australia 3

Lake Hillier is a splash of color in Western Australia, a structure that totally changes the landscape of the region. In the past, the salty waters were an opportunity for people, who started to extract salt from Lake Hillier, but despite this action, the pink waters remained almost untouched. This natural structure offers today a wonderful view, being one of the most amazing places on Earth. Its waters are permanently pink, regardless of the climate change. The view is magnificent on sunny days, when the waters become even more intense.

Lake Hillier – Mysterious Pink Lake in Australia 4

Lake Hillier is not the only pink lake in the world, but it is the only one that doesn’t have a plausible explanation for its color. Researchers say that the thousands of species of bacteria that live on the bottom of the waters have led to the formation of this breathtaking miracle.

Lake Hillier – Mysterious Pink Lake in Australia 2

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