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Kowloon Phenomenon – A Unique City on Earth

The city of Kowloon is considered the place on earth with the highest population density due to the huge number of people, 50.000 more exactly, that used to live in just few blocks linked one to another.

Kowloon Phenomenon – A Unique City on Earth 3

The city with the 300 tall buildings linked together, rose without the approval of any architect, were shared by 33.000 families, but they were demolished in the early 90s. Now, there are only the pictures that preserve the memory of those long forgotten places.

Kowloon Phenomenon – A Unique City on Earth 2

Located near Honk Kong, Kowloon was a city governed by anarchy. In 1948, the Chinese authorities have decided that the place should be cut from any form of government service, even from water and energy supply. Despite all that, Kowloon hasn’t become a deserted city, but has thrived for more than three decades in squalid conditions.

Kowloon Phenomenon – A Unique City on Earth 1

50.000 people were living in Kowloon, this meaning that it was the most densely populated area in the world that has ever existed. Brothels and casinos were common, given that there were no laws. In 1992 they began evacuating the city, and everyone left on their way.

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