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Kolmanskop – The Ghost Town Buried in Sand

Kolmanskop city is a magical, strange and full of mystery place. It manages to challenge our imagination and to make us want to visit it.

Kolmanskop – The Ghost Town Buried in Sand

The ghost town is located in Namib Desert in southern Namibia, a few kilometers from the port city of Luderitz. More than a century ago, a miner found a diamond in this area. Shortly after, the city became increasingly appreciated because of the gemstone.

Kolmanskop – The Ghost Town Buried in Sand 3

After finding the diamonds, Kolmanskop started blooming; here were built hospitals, schools, imposing houses and casinos.

In 1954 the city was abandoned because people had wasted the diamond deposits. The imposing constructions were buried in the sand and left to deteriorate.

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