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Knee-Wobbling Glass Lookout in French Alps

4 Apr 2014 by admin

Compagnie du Mont Blanc has opened, last year, a glass cabin on top of Aiguille du Midi, at 3,842 meters altitude in the Mont Blanc massif. “Pas dans le vide/ Step Into the Void” is the new tourist attraction in the Alps and it is not recommended for those who are afraid of heights.

Knee-Wobbling Glass Lookout in French Alps 3

The construction offers a 360-degree panorama over the Alps and of the highest peaks in France, Italy and Switzerland. To the south can be seen the summit of Mont Blanc and down is a ravine of over 1,000 meters.

Aiguille du Midi 4

The access is made via a cable car, located at the highest altitude in Europe that helps tourists climb to a height of 2,317 meters. Up there, those who want to continue the journey, take another cabin and climbs almost vertically, without pillars, up to 3,777 meters, from where, till the top, the climbing is made by elevator.

From Aiguille du Midi can be observed even higher peaks, such as the Dome du Gouter (4,304 meters), Vallot Refuge (4,362 meters), Maudit (4,365 meters), Mont Blanc du Tacul (4,248 meters) and, of course, Mont Blanc (4,810 meters).