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Kinetic Rain – The Ballet of the Raindrops

The largest sculpture in motion in the world is not located between the walls of an art gallery or among the works of art owned by an extravagant collector. “Kinetic rain” was exposed in Changi Airport in Singapore and is so spectacular that risks making people be late to work.

Kinetic Rain – The Ballet of the Raindrops 6

Kinetic Rain is an installation composed of 1216 bronze drops, each being attached to a motorized pullet. The sculpture was mounted in the Terminal 1 in Singapore‘s Changi international airport, recently renovated.

With the help of a specially conceived software program, the rain drops are rising and falling, taking various three-dimensional shapes. The vertical movements of the cells can be placed in the shape of a plane, are undulating like the waves of an ocean and create spectacular spirals.

“Kinetic Rain” was designed by a team that also created other impressive projects. Benjamin Maus is the creator of a device that converts words in drawings, and the artist Jussi Angesleva seems to have anticipated the idea long before the opening from Singapore, through static projects very similar to this one.


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