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Kinderdijk – The Largest Concentration of Windmills

Kinderdijk is a small village in the Netherlands, considered to be more like a fairytale village, one of the most visited places in the Netherlands. The reason is simple; Kinderdijk houses windmills, and is an authentic Dutch landscape adored by tourists from around the world and by the greatest photographers of the world in search of the most beautiful places on Earth. The area is found in Alblasserwaard region and is the place where 19 windmills have been recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage since 1997.

Kinderdijk – The Largest Concentration of Windmills 2

Kinderdijk is situated at the confluence of two lakes, between Lek and Noord and these windmills were born just because of the problems with water that people often had. The excess of water became a major problem starting with the 12th century, when people dug some canals hoping that they will manage to alleviate the fury of the waters. Their effort was futile but they found another solution, namely these windmills designed to cover the differences in water level. Thus, these windmills worked like a tank, their role being to hold back the waters.

Kinderdijk – The Largest Concentration of Windmills 3

Today, the windmills at Kinderdijk form one of the most photogenic places on Earth, being a tranquil area perfectly complemented by dreamlike natural scenery. The windmills can be visited even indoors, especially in the summer when tourists from all over the world come to Kinderdijk to enjoy unique landscapes. In summer, the area can be visited every day of the week, and during the cold season only in weekends. The visitors can watch an introductory movie that runs constantly, presenting the history of the area, emphasizing more the year 1740, when the building process started.

Kinderdijk – The Largest Concentration of Windmills 4

Kinderdijk – The Largest Concentration of Windmills 5

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