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Karosta Prison Hotel Treats Guests Like Prisoners

A prison turned into a hotel offers clients a unique experience. They are treated by the employees like prisoners and receive different punishments.

In order to live moments of horror, tourists must stay at the hotel in Karosta, Latvia. This was before a prison and the new owners didn’t want to change much of its appearance. In addition, apart from the aspect of the building, people are treated like prisoners.

Karosta Prison Hotel Treats Guests Like Prisoners 1

Karosta prison was built in the 1900s and as initially an infirmary, being afterwards transformed into jail.

Besides the fact that tourists staying at the hotel in Latvia, have rooms equipped with iron beds, a wardrobe, a toilet and…bars, the food they eat is the same the prisoners of the past century ate.

Karosta Prison Hotel Treats Guests Like Prisoners 5

Prior to accommodate, tourists sign a deal and say that they agree with the less orthodox treatments consisting in insults or punishments. To live such an experience, people have to shell out $16 per night.

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