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Japan’s Super Speedy Bullet Train Cleaners Have Just Seven Minutes to do Their Job

Everyone loves trains that travel long distances in a short time. Such a train that travels 200 km in just one hour operates in Japan. As fast as it runs, as rapid the services of the cleaning staff are.

The team of caretakers cleans the train in just 7 minutes. Every second counts in order not to delay the train timetable. Cleaning is done quickly to make way for a new wave of passengers. They are extremely organized and efficient.

Japan’s Super Speedy Bullet Train Cleaners

The train stops and exits the Tokyo station 210 times per day, with stops of 12 minutes per day, which also include the cleaning service. The company has 800 employees divided into 11 teams of 22 caretakers, each employee cleaning 20 trains per day.

Once they enter the wagons, the employees have well-defined tasks to accomplish and only 7 minutes to clean the wagon with 100 seats plus toilets, replace dirty accessories, missing items, etc., and despite all that they are always smiling when they meet passengers.

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