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Is The Human Body Capable Of Producing More Muscles?

At first glance, those who practice bodybuilding seem to have more and bigger muscles than any other ordinary man, but nonetheless scientists say something else. And yet, what is the truth?

Indeed, the body of a bodybuilder has bigger muscles, more developed and crisper than those of a man who doesn’t go to the gym at all, but under no circumstances he has more muscles.

Is The Human Body Capable Of Producing More Muscles

This thing can be confirmed and proven by any doctor in this world. The number of muscles of the human body is fixed and determined by the genetics of a person and not by the training. By training the muscles, their number doesn’t increase but their size grows due to the thickening of muscle fibers, a phenomenon that occurs inevitably and naturally after the effort to which the muscles are subjected to, during intensive exercise. In the human body are 642 skeletal muscles and almost every muscle has a muscle pair, bilateral and almost identical. Some of these are large and massive muscles (gluteal muscles, quadriceps femoris, dorsal muscles, chest and triceps) and the rest are extremely small (eye muscles).

Maybe it’s a curious thing, but muscles cannot push, but they just make pulling and contraction motions. They are controlled by the brain through the signals sent along the nervous system that is connected to the entire muscular system. Even the most natural movements such as breathing and exhaling air from the lungs are made with the help of some muscles dedicated to breathing.

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