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Interesting International Car Forest of the Last Church

The “International Car Forest of the Last Church” is an art installation that includes 40 graffiti splattered, old cars, trucks and buses buried nose down into the arid desert of Nevada, half -a-mile off Highway 95. It was created by Michael “Mark” Rippie in collaboration with artist Chad Sorg.

Michael Rippie started from the idea of obtaining a title in the Guinness Book of World Records, so because he owns 80 acres of land, he began his project in 2002 by planting cars vertically in the ground. Later on, he was joined by Chad Sorg, who was so intrigued by Rippie’s work that he moved to Goldfield in 2011 to live in a trailer and create art along with his new friend.

Visitors are always welcomed here, where they can see the cars painted by the artists and bands that play to audiences.

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