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Innovative Pool at Pyne by T.R.O.P

The angular geometries of the rooftop swimming pool located in Bangkok and designed by Thai landscape architects T.R.O.P was revealed with the help of some aerial photographs.

Innovative Pool at Pyne by T.R.O.P 1

This special swimming pool was placed over the podium of a 42-storey residential complex, and can be visualized by the residents and the passing travellers from above. For the visual effect to be even greater, the architects have added a canopy of concrete frames that seem to slice the water up into different parts.

Innovative Pool at Pyne by T.R.O.P 5

“Most pools in Bangkok […] are called ‘Sky Pool’, because of a location on top of the roof,” said designer Pok Kobkongsanti. “The first couple of ones sounded very exciting, but, after a while, it got boring.” “To make our pool different than the others, the ‘Skeleton’, a light cladded structure, was proposed to frame the swimming pool three-dimensionally.”[…], “Instead of a typical rectangular pool deck, we proposed a series of smaller terraces integrated with the swimming pool,”, he added.

The edges of the space are lined by low-level lighting to assist the nighttime swimmers.

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