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Incredible Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

3 Jan 2013 by admin

Dominating the bay, this figurative hotel offers luxury conditions, the guests being able to enjoy an infinity pool on the roof, twenty restaurants where they can have a nice meal and a world-class casino. The hotel has direct access to the most important emporium in Singapore.

Incredible Marina Bay Sands in Singapore38

The rooms at Marina Bay Sands include modern furniture made of dark wood, a flat screen TV with cable and carpeted floor. The floor to ceiling windows offer spectacular view of Singapore.  Located at just 10 minutes of walking from the MRT Promenade station and just several steps away from the renowned central business town district, Marina Bay Sands provides to all its guests a free service of transfer from/ to the airport which runs on a set schedule.

Incredible Marina Bay Sands in Singapore45

The panoramic park, located on the top of three towers, offers landscape grounds and a terrace of observation.  The guests can have a leisure time in the infinity pool while sipping a cocktail or they can enjoy a relaxing massage at the Banyan Tree Spa which is world-renowned.

Among the restaurants from Marina Bay Sands where famous chefs cook, we can bring to your attention Waku Ghin and Guy Savoy.

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of doing in your vacation you can accomplish in just one place and that is Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. For more details visit