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Impressive Kew Gardens’ Sky-High Walkway Designed by Marks Barfield Architects

Kew Gardens’ Tree Top Walkway is a creditable project that offers superb view of the surrounding landscape and also teaches people about the vital role of the trees on this planet. This unique experience was designed by Marks Barfield Architects, who have concentrated on blending the walkway amongst the trees and reducing its overall environmental impact.

Impressive Kew Gardens’ Sky-High Walkway  4

Thanks to the respect they have for Mother Nature, the architects drew inspiration from the Fibonacci sequence, using progressive series of numbers in order to integrate a “Fibonacci grid” into the walkway truss.

Impressive Kew Gardens’ Sky-High Walkway  3

People will learn about the tree root biology, climate change and the relationship between tree roots and microorganism, just by visiting the underground “Rhizotron” exhibition space, which is located beneath the walkway.

Impressive Kew Gardens’ Sky-High Walkway 5

The complex tree root system that lay beneath the ground has been given special attention throughout the project development. As a result, they used a radar survey to map the root system and they found the best position for the 12-18m long concrete piles that practically support the whole structure.

You should pay this walkway a visit if you’re thinking of flying to London.

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