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Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub for the City of the Future

3 May 2014 by admin

The traditional image of the vast and high subway stations in London and New York could change by 2075.

The architects Christopher Christophi and Lucas Mazarrasa have proposed a new concept, which they called Hyper-Speed Vertical Train Hub. Their project involves the construction of skyscrapers to replace the traditional underground stations, with some vertical platforms, which would free up space that is so important in crowded cities and would divert passengers more efficiently.

Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub  2

“In 60 years’ time, it will be very difficult for governments to find attractive pieces of available land for public use in the heart of megacities,” says Christophi, 27. “Governments will be able to take advantage of such spaces in order to re-adapt the cities’ structure to society needs,” he adds.

Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub  3

Hyper Speed Vertical Train Hub  4

Skyscrapers would increase the capacity of the subway stations, having the ability of hosting several trains simultaneously. The remaining free space on the site of the former metro stations will be tuned into parks, as well as the terraces above the towers.

The trains that will have a capacity of ten passengers seated in two rows will travel horizontally until they arrive near the station towers. Then, they will get attached to the exterior of the building by means of a magnetic system and will climb vertically to the station. Individual compartments in which passengers are seated will swivel like a Ferris wheel so that travelers will not suffer.