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Hungarian Researchers Show that Season of Birth Influences Personality

21 Oct 2014 by admin

The personality of a person is influenced by the season he/she was born. Those born in summer are more temperamental people, those born in autumn are less depressed people and those born in winter seem to be the luckiest as they are the ones with the highest degree of optimism, at least that’s what the Hungarian researchers say.

Mother carrying sleeping baby. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

According to a study involving 400 people, Hungarian researchers have correlated the corresponding season of birth of each person participating in the study with their personality and they concluded that the time of birth of a person can cause certain features of his/hers personality.

Everything results from the fact that the seasons have a great influence on a certain chemical found in the brain, such as dopamine and serotonin, hormones that control the mood.

This study shows that children who are born in summer are prone to mood swings when they reach adulthood. Otherwise, those born in spring tend to be positive, energetic and optimistic. Those born in an autumn day suffer less because of depression and those born in winter are slightly irritating people.

Lead researcher, assistant professor Xenia Gonda, said:  “Our work looked at over 400 subjects and matched their birth season to personality types in later life. Basically, it seems that when you are born may increase or decrease your chance of developing certain mood disorders.”

Professor Gonda added: “We can’t yet say anything about the mechanisms involved. What we are now looking at is to see if there are genetic markers which are related to season of birth and mood disorder”.