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Hueso is a Restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico Decorated with 10,000 Bones

22 Oct 2014 by admin

Original ideas are always appreciated and admired and the basic condition of our days for a business to be successful is originality. Hueso is a restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico, which relied on a new concept that may seem strange and even outrageous at first impression thanks to its unique decor made of bones. This location has become an interesting attraction for visitors, arousing intrigue among people who have visited it. Opinions seem to be divided; many believe this morbid restaurant is contraindicated for enjoying a meal with friends.

Hueso is a Restaurant  with 10,000 Bones 15

A very long period of time, Hueso (Bones) was abandoned, following to be reopened in 1940. The new decor of the restaurant was going to be nonconformist, the walls and even the tables being “embellished” with animal bones of all species. Around 10,000 bones of all kinds and sizes (skulls, ribs, back bones, skeletons of large fish, etc.) complement the decor of this location. The authors of this “work of art” are Cardena + Asociados, who basically created a paleontologist’s dream.

Hueso is a Restaurant  with 10,000 Bones

The building that houses the restaurant has an area of 240 square meters and is situated in the city center, being the property of one of the founders of the office, Alfonso Cadena.

The walls of this place are painted entirely in white, offering guests a “strange spectacle”, which is surprising and frightening at the same time.

The only splash of color existing in this place is notable in tables and chairs made of wood.

On the ground floor of the restaurant there is a small kitchen and the main room where is found a very long wooden table that seems to be the center piece of the location.

Hueso is a Restaurant  with 10,000 Bones 14

In completing the decor were added unconventional designs on the same theme, glass cases inside which are exhibited interesting artifacts, white ceramic and aluminum bones. The stylish crockery perfectly fits the decor.

The restaurant is very popular, being permanently visited by locals and tourists who appreciate originality and who never complain about the fact that they would feel like entering into a tomb when crossing the threshold of the place.

Hueso is a Restaurant  with 10,000 Bones 6 Hueso is a Restaurant  with 10,000 Bones 5