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Hublot Partners with Jay Z for “Shawn Carter by Hublot” Line

Hublot and Jay Z have launched a special edition of wristwatches.

It’s not a secret that Hublot creates the most admired wristwatches. The fact that Jay Z is one of the most popular celebrities is not a secret either. When these two big names come together, successful products are released. A perfect example is “Shawn Carter by Hublot” a new wristwatch line created in collaboration with the artist. Shawn Carter is Jay Z’s real name (just in case you didn’t know).Hublot Partners with Jay Z for “Shawn Carter by Hublot” Line 2

The edition is limited and consists of two types of wristwatches, one is black and the other one is 18 karat gold plated. They have the same operating system as the Classic Fusion Collection.

The brand has produced 200 copies of the black wristwatches ($17,900 each) and only 100 gold plated pieces at a cost of $33,900.

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