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HTC One: FullHD Display and UltraPixel Camera

HTC One FullHD Display and UltraPixel Camera 1

HTC launched the newest design of the One series based on the Google Android operating system. The new smartphone integrates a series of new technologies, the most important one being the photo camera which integrates fewer pixels but at a higher quality.

The new HTC One is fully built from aluminum and glass, and the metallic unibody cover has a 9.3 millimeters thickness at a weight of 143 grams. The display has a diagonal of 4.7 inches and is one of the first mobile phones that uses a FullHD screen (19220 x 1080 pixels) with a density of 468 pixels per inch.

When it comes to technical specifications, HTC One uses a quad-core latest generation processor at a frequency of 1.7Ghz, it includes 2GB of RAM memory and 32 or 64GB stocking space. At the chapter connectivity, the One model includes a 3G+, 4G LTE compatibility, 4.0 Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and NFC.

The phone integrates two stereo dual speakers with Beats Audio integrated amplifiers and a high-sensitivity microphone for clearer recordings.

If the rest of the specifications will probably be adopted by most of the producers, HTC brings through One a new type of camera with a 4 megapixels resolution which promises a more clearer quality of the image. The sensor integrates a smaller number of backlit UltraPixels, as they were named by the producer, but with an individual surface a lot larger which offers higher clarity of the images especially when the light is very low. The new sensor can also record FullHD videos. According to the producer, the new sensor can capture to 300% more light than the conventional ones.

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