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How to Travel the World for Free

Imagine that your way to work could be as easy as walking on the deck of a yacht, or that the window from your office would provide direct view to the sea. How would you feel about waking up every morning in an exotic port? It sounds like the ideal job or the dream of many of us.

According to CNN, many people aged between 20 and 80 years, agree to work on yachts in order to have the chance of traveling around the world.

How to Travel the World for Free 1

Here are three ways of experiencing the life on a yacht:

Volunteer in a crew

There’s no need for a sailors experience to be part of the crew of a yacht, but it requires adaptability. Because the tasks are multiple: it can be about cleaning, storing food reserves or night guards. Many private yachts can offer accommodation and free meals in exchange of those kinds of chores.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

If working within a crew seems difficult, then maybe your personality can help you be part of a free trip. For example an Italian had a submarine and needed someone to share this experience.

Teacher for the children

Not only adults can have fun on the yacht, but also their children. Families that travel on seas and oceans may need a nanny or a teacher.

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