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How To Tell If You’re A Charismatic Speaker

According to a study conducted in the United States, it seems that some people have an innate ability to modify their vocal frequency in order to make their voice attract the audience.

Scientists say that the voice of some people is “charismatic” because of their innate ability to modify their voice frequency in order to increase its qualities.

In order to take advantage of this thing, these people use different vocal techniques.

How To Tell If You're A Charismatic Speaker

According to the study, the political leaders with lower voices are perceived as more dominant and more attractive. Those who speak with higher frequencies are seen as submissive and benevolent.

In order to control the frequency of your voice you must have an innate quality, as it depends on the size of each person’s larynx. Thus, a larger larynx, with long vocal chords produces a lower voice.

Rosario Signorello, from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) has declared that the leaders who have the ability of modifying their voice, are perceived as dominant figures. “The internal characteristics of a dynamic or charming leader are always perceived through voice. Leaders use a charismatic voice to arouse an emotional state in their listeners,” he told the BBC.

How To Tell If You're A Charismatic Speaker 2

A trait that any charismatic leader has, is the ability of manipulating his voice in order to attach to his image different kinds of charisma. When they hold a political speech, this quality helps them persuade the public.

These charismatic speakers know how to add inflexions, severity and different characteristics to their voice in order to achieve their purpose.

“This function is learned, dependent on the languages that we speak and filtered by the culture one belongs to,” said Dr Signorello.

How To Tell If You're A Charismatic Speaker 3

The study conducted by Signorello, includes a part where he changed the voice frequency of politicians in Italy, France, Portugal and Brazil, such as Luigi de Magistris, Francois Hollade and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The approximately 250 participants in the study were asked to clarify the voices by certain adjectives, like “dishonest”, “scary”, “dynamic”, “attractive”, “compelling” and “right”.

The speaker was perceived on the basis of cultural preferences and language spoken.

Participants of French origin have preferred a voice that lies somewhere in between lower and higher, because they perceived the speaker as calm, prudent, trustworthy, honest. Instead, the Italians were the ones who opted for a lower voice, which they perceived to be authoritative, determined and menacing.

Changing the voice is a difficult process, being a innate quality that depends on the type of charisma that person wants to transmit, according to Signorello.

“Lowering the vocal pitch, or fundamental frequency, can help to convey dominance but also sexiness. And adding a harsh voice can help [you] to be perceived as a threat or as sexy.”… “So there is no general recipe for being charismatic but in every culture there are ways to manipulate your voice to convey different types of charisma.”, Rosario Signorello concluded.

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