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How to Save a Wet Cell Phone or Tablet

If unfortunately you have dropped your phone or tablet in water or a liquid was shed over it, you have the chance to save it. But you must act quickly and carefully, following the instructions in the guide below.

–   Remove the phone from the water and turn it off.

–   Quickly remove the housing and battery.

–   Wipe the housing, the screen and the interior with a highly absorbent lint-free cloth.

–    After you have wiped it, shake the phone to eliminate the last drops of water. Repeat the wiping.

–    Remove all the possible elements of the gadget and place them in a plastic bag next to many bags of silica gel that absorb moisture.

–    Close the bag tightly with duct tape so the air won’t get inside.

–    Leave components in the bag for 72 hours.

–    After this time, remove the phone and reassemble it.

–    If there are left traces of moisture, repeat wiping and reinsert the phone in the bag with silicone.

–    Before restarting the phone, wipe it carefully looking for any problems caused by water.

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone or Tablet

The method is not 100% safe but it gives you the chance of saving your gadget. If you spilled juice or other liquid with chemical components, these may affect the circuits of the phone.

Do not attempt to disassemble the internal parts of the phone using screwdrivers because you will lose your phone warranty.

If the method doesn’t work, call for a specialist to solve your problem.

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