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How to Keep a Shirt Impeccable Ironed

Shirt Shuttle is the first product from a series dedicated to people who travel very often. The device solves in a simple way a thorny problem for people that must have a perfect image all the time: it keeps the shirt looking like it was just ironed even after many hours of being kept in a narrow luggage.

How to Keep a Shirt Impeccable Ironed 1

There are plenty of alternatives on the market for maintaining the clothes uncreased during a displacement. Some of them are cheaper than the solution given by the Commuter Technologies, but the company in Suffolk is the only one that shows such a thoroughly preoccupation for the technology dedicated to traveling.

Shirt Shuttle is the first product from a wider range of accessories, a device that promises to keep a shirt perfectly wearable, even at the end of a long road.

How to Keep a Shirt Impeccable Ironed 2

The “mechanism” works extremely simple. The shirt is wrapped around a hard plate with rounded edges and a special place to keep the collar uncreased. The sleeves are folded back several times while a folding handle maintains the origami’s perfect shape. The plate is then wrapped inside a waterproof slipcovers, slightly larger than an A4 sheet and fitted with special collar and material supports.

The producer designed Shirt Shuttle to be used especially during business traveling, when one shirt is not enough, but the device can be also used on a regular day at the office.  Its shape permits sustaining an extra shirt with no folds for a long time or to be used as a carrier when the road to the office in made by bike and not by car.


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