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How to Eliminate the Effects of Jet Lag

The jet lag disturbs the body’s biological clock causing the emergence of highly unpleasant symptoms, such as sleep disturbance, constipation and headaches. It is common for people who travel often.

How to Eliminate the Effects of Jet Lag

If you’re traveling east you are forced to sleep earlier than your body is accustomed. Sleeping early is necessary to adapt to local time.

Insulin plays an important role in synchronizing the body. Increased insulin level contributes to slowing down the biological clock and determines the sleep sensation.

In conclusion, researchers recommend that once you arrive at your destination, eat foods rich in carbohydrates – pasta, rice – which determine the increase of the insulin level.

If people have to go to bed later, they must consume foods that help lower the insulin level such as protein and fat, like bacon and eggs.

The body has many internal clocks, and when it comes to jet lag, two of these matter the most: the one controlled by the light and the one controlled by meals.

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