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How to Eat Everything You Want and Not Get Fat!

How to Eat Everything You Want and Not Get Fat! 1

Have you ever wondered how can French women eat cheese, butter, baguettes and pamper themselves with wine without getting fat? The secret is unveiled in the book of Mireille Guiliano, named “French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure”.

This book encourages good quality eating, in small sizes and enjoying each bite. No matter what you eat, do it slowly, concentrate on the action and turn eating into a memorable experience. In this way, you will be full, eating small portions of delicious food. There are no forbidden aliments; just big portions are part of the category you have to avoid. You don’t have to count the calories, you don’t have to jump over meals, you just have to control how much you eat and to adopt that “FreNch Zone” attitude, as the author calls it, meaning a healthy relationship with the food.

This kind of diet is not a cheating one, but is an alimentary plan for three months that resets the body and gets it used to a healthy alimentary style through an easy and gradually slimming process.

“I believe the first two or three bites provide the most satisfaction. So, again, I indulge but in moderation, and without thinking I exercise a natural portion control. That is one of the key messages in my book. I certainly would not eat four or five scoops of ice cream; one or two scoops are a fully satisfying experience for me — but not every day or even every week. I guess I have trained myself as a French woman to think in smaller sizes. But if I overindulge now and again, I balance that with more modest intakes over perhaps the next few days.”, says Mireille Guiliano.

How to Eat Everything You Want and Not Get Fat! 2

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