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How to Choose the Perfect Destination for Your Honeymoon

3 Nov 2013 by admin

Have you set the wedding date and everything is ready for the big day?  It’s time to enjoy the last days of freedom and to start thinking about the honeymoon!

But do not rush! If you want your honeymoon to be really special, you should know a few things, one being the destination. Here are three tips worth following for everything to unfold according to your wishes.

How to Choose the Perfect Destination for Your Honeymoon 1


As much as your life and your work allow you, it’s better to avoid the high season. If you’re not willing to be part of the agglomeration in August, it would be a good idea to wait for a few more weeks to pass from the great event. Not only it will be a more tranquil atmosphere but you will have access to the romantic locations at the best prices.

How to Choose the Perfect Destination for Your Honeymoon 2

What are you searching for?

Whether you want an adventure in locations untrodden by the foot of man, a cultural stopover in a renowned city, or a relaxing moment at the beach, before choosing the destination, you must search carefully! Most couples would like to do more in their journey, so it would be better to think about spending at least two weeks in the honeymoon. In this way, you can spend the first half visiting places and making different things, and the second one, for relaxation. And don’t forget that you should try to include in your program some other experiences, such as theater shows or why not, bungee jumping!


We can have an endless talk about the perfect vacation and your dream journey, but the reality is that the budget you have is a key element when choosing the destination for your honeymoon. If you plan everything in advance, you have more time to raise money. Remember that the romantic European destinations such as Rome and Paris can be cheap, but once you arrive there, the prices might not seem very affordable. On the other hand, a trip to Asia or South America is more expensive when it comes to the airline tickets, but you’ll spend less once you arrive at your destination.

This being said, all you have left is to make sure you have a valid passport. Have a dream honeymoon!