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How to Build and Take Care of a Swimming Pool

31 Oct 2014 by admin

There are many types of swimming pools: classical, above ground or inflatable, versions for any space. However, if you decide to build a pool, no matter how many square meters you want to cover, you should be aware of some rules to keep a clean environment for when you want to wallow.

Here are some essential steps concerning water sanitation.

To build a classical pool, you must have a large space and you must be willing to dig into the ground. More specifically, the ground must be excavated, leveled and then concrete must be poured, following to bind the pool to the water and sanitation and to apply waterproofing and mosaic. This whole process seems very simple, but in reality it takes about a week.

Another option would be the above ground pool. It can be made of wood and it looks absolutely sensational.

Still, there are larger versions, inflatable, built on a steel structure.

The small pools for children are quite affordable, but the kids must be supervised at all times even if they know how to swim.

Whatever the type of pool you choose, you should know that their maintenance is quite meticulous.

Ways to maintain a crystalline water

The secret of a crystalline water is the regular maintenance. During the night, the water must be covered with a net, in order to avoid falling insects, leaves and other debris circulating in the air. If you don’t have a big and secure net, you can clean the water with a net attached to a telescopic bar. Take into account the fact that once a week the water must be changed. Empty the tank, clean all surfaces in the pool with a chlorinated solution, including the ways in which water enters and exists, and filters. The deposits found on the basin floor will be removed with an automatic vacuum cleaner for swimming pool. The filter must be cleaned regularly, regardless of the filter material used. The increased pressure indicated by the manometers means that it is time to clean the filter.

How to Build and Take Care of a Swimming Pool 3

How to Build and Take Care of a Swimming Pool

You can lose water through evaporation but also when you jump. In conclusion, you have to fill water at regular intervals. In case of a classical pool, the water level should be, at any time, over the lower part of the skimmers, and thus eliminate the danger for the pool filtration pool to run dry.

The water PH makes the chlorine more efficient

The interval between 7.2 and 7.6 is where the PH of the water should be maintained, meaning that it must be slightly alkaline. Check it by using a simple tester. If the PH is optimal, then the introduced chlorine tablets will be efficient. The chlorination of water is mandatory even if you hate the smell given by the interaction of various chemical compounds such as ammonia, nitrogen and chloramines from water. If after hyperchlorination the unpleasant smell will disappear, the water will be perfectly clean.

How to Build and Take Care of a Swimming Pool 4