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How Often Should You Be Switching Jobs?

Which is the time that must pass before you can leave the current job without the risk of being considered untrustworthy by your future employer?

Constantly changing the workplace is seen as a lack of involvement and responsibility by the company managers or by the recruiting staff who hires them. So, take into account the fact that if you have a CV that says you moved from one company to another constantly, your chances of getting hired drop considerably. However, which is the time you should spend in a company before thinking of finding another job?

Here is a very interesting answer to this question offered by Mashable.

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A period of time shorter than 8 months spent in a company, will be perceived negatively by the future employers, as this shows that you’re not a person able to adapt to a new place and you didn’t pass by an eventual performance evaluation.

Of course, there are situations when you had good reasons why you could not stay for too long in a company. However, you should know that there is the risk for a potential employer to skip your resume without giving you a chance to explain why you acted so. As a result, a good piece of advice that you should take into account is to think twice before you write in your CV all your departures, and more so if it’s not about a singular case.

If you have spent a period of eight months – a year in a company, then you are on the right track. If you went to its upper limit, you can take it easy, because the employers consider that no one holds onto a position that long without being capable of fulfilling the specific objectives.

After a period of four years, you’ve definitely reached the stage where you have proven that you are capable, loyal and dedicated to your job. And if during this period you got promoted at least once, then luck is on your side. This thing demonstrates that you are an ambitious person and you own a level of knowledge in the field higher than the average.

If you think that after four years you can only head for the better, well it’s not like that because if you spend more than 6 years in the same company without notable achievements and without any promotion, you will be regarded as a mediocre employee. No company will want such a person to join the team.


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