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How Does The Chewing Gum Affect Our Health?

According to a study conducted by some Dutch researchers, it seems that the chewing gum can be as efficient as the dental floss when it comes to cleaning our mouth. The study was published in the Plos One magazine.
According to the researchers, just one chewing gum is able to remove approximately 100 million harmful bacteria, which is almost 10% of the microbes in the saliva, in  just 10 minutes.

Although the chewing gum acts in a different area of the mouth, it seems that it is just as efficient as the dental floss.
Also, the study shows the fact that the chewing gum is really efficient in the first 30 seconds of chewing, after that being less useful because it eliminates bacteria a little bit more difficult.
One thing specialists warn us about is that only the sugar free chewing gum is useful, because the one that contains sugar “feeds” the bacteria in our mouth.
Also, if we chew the gum for a very long time, eventually the bacteria that were initially removed will return in our oral cavity.
The Dutch researchers say that their research could be used to create a chewing gum that could remove certain bacteria that can cause diseases of the oral cavity.


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