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How Do We Handle The Lack Of Time?

Many times we feel overwhelmed by the few hours of the day and by the many plans gathered in our minds and on our agenda. And because the length of a day can’t be changed, we must find other solutions.

Here are some simple things that you can do in order to get the most from a day:

# Each day with its plan – written down in the evening, when you can get some quiet time to think about the tasks you have to honor the next day. Try to do that especially during weekends when you’re more relaxed and you will see that it works. You’ll feel more in control once you have that list in your hands.

#Maximize your priorities – the feeling of being overwhelmed has a lot to do with that fact that you don’t start your day with some clear priorities. Super-people only exist on Hollywood sets so you have to accept that you can’t do it all and you must choose to accomplish the most important ones.

#Lifestyle matters – many people got used to chaos in their lives: lack of rest, sports and nutrition are quickly reflected in the day. An entire day can get messed up by simply skipping lunch and eating fast food, for later to feel like you’re good for nothing.

# Limit everything that causes distraction – we all get carried away by many things, like the internet for example, or by the phone, two examples that are simply a waste of time when we have to work on a big project that almost doesn’t let you sleep at night.

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