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How Colors Affect Our Mood

A team of psychologists in Chicago made an infographic that shows how the mood of a person is changed when seeing a certain color.

Thus, customers get a first impression of a product in just 90 seconds, depending on its color.

In general, men prefer red, orange and yellow, and women prefer blue, green and pink.

The most famous logos of companies are associated with certain colors, which cause a specific reaction.

For example, red suggests passion, energy and joy, and pink suggests love and femininity.

Alex Hillsberg from shows, in this infographic, famous logos associated with certain colors:

-red – Red Bull and You Tube: passion, vitality

-yellow-McDonald’s and Ferrari: joy, energy

How Colors Affect Our Mood 2

-green- Android and Starbucks: harmony and relaxation

How Colors Affect Our Mood 3

-black- Blackberry: courage, luxury, seriousness, mystery

-pink- Barbie: love, sexuality, warmth

How Colors Affect Our Mood 4-purple: Yahoo, FedEx: power, nostalgia, romanticism, luxury

How Colors Affect Our Mood 5

-orange: Mozilla, Fanta: happiness

How Colors Affect Our Mood 6

-brown: ups, m&m: addiction, trust

How Colors Affect Our Mood 7

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