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Hot Tub Cinema – Pop-Up Cinemas Where Guests Sit in Cozy Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Cinema is a brand new concept that is pretty popular in the U.K. This new trend consists in watching a movie while relaxing in a hot tub. The company firs held a hot tub screening in 2012 and because of its popularity, their events are spanning to more than 30 hot tubs per movie screening.

A hot tub can hold around six to eight people and all guests are invited to dress up, sing, dance, drink and enjoy their favorite movie. The catch is that no one ever knows where the next event will be held, but, most times, it is organized on a rooftop during summer.

For an eight-person tub prices can reach up to $470 and for an individual $58 – that is if you want to watch the movie next to a stranger in a hot tub.

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Hot Tub Cinema

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