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Hitler’s Art Attracts Big Sale Prices

Adolf Hitler is considered, generally, “the embodiment of evil”, because of the Second World War, but his paintings still enjoy great success.

He was considered responsible for the death of tens of millions of people and, therefore, a despotic criminal, but Adolf Hitler had a sensitive side, developed in the period when he painted urged by hunger, in Vienna and Munich. In order to provide a financial stability for himself and his colleagues, Hitler painted three paintings a day that later were sold in taverns.

Hitler’s Art Attracts Big Sale Prices

Hitler used to paint buildings, interiors of buildings, moments experienced in World War or flower vases. Towards the end of the Second World War, he had his people redeem his paintings in order to exhibit them in a museum that he wanted to open in Linz, his favorite city.

Hitler’s defeat made the idea of a museum to remain just an idea. However, many of his works were saved and are still an important piece on the art market. For example, a painting by Hitler from 1914 that shows the Arch of Triumph in Munich was put on sale for $70,000.

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