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High-Tech Balloon Ride to Space

Travelling to space has turned into a trend, more companies being disposed to device great offers for wealthy clients who love the idea of becoming amateur astronauts. Because not everyone can afford to pay $250.000 for one trip to space with Virgin Galactic, a Spanish company found a solution less expensive to encourage the space tourism.

High-Tech Balloon Ride to Space 1

Zero2Infinity, located in Barcelona, is developing a project that in maximum two years will offer, those who are interested, the possibility of experimenting suborbital flights aboard a high tech bubble, during which they will enjoy exclusivist Michelin-starred dishes by request. A ticket for an all-inclusive trip will cost approximately $140.000, and a standard one, without dinner, will be around $37.000.

The ëblooni balloon is the ambitious project of the entrepreneur Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales, the owner of the Zero2Infinity Company, with a capacity of six passengers (four passengers, two pilots) and 15 square meters of windows, for the view to be spectacular. During the journey, the spatial tourists will admire fantastic views over the Earth, and also the sun and the stars simultaneously, from a capsule attached to the balloon.

High-Tech Balloon Ride to Space 2

The balloon will make its first trip to space in 2015, from an airfield in the Spanish city Cordoba (the exact location has not been officially confirmed), and in an hour will reach the maximum altitude of 36 km, much higher than a Concorde airplane, where will fly for about two hours. Due to the cabin attached to the balloon, the tourists will experience the weightlessness for 30 seconds, and then ëblooní will land like any other hot air balloon. The guided landing will take about 40 minutes.

The Russian Artemy Lebedev, one of the few people who visited all the countries in the world, already signed for this adventure.

Schoenmaker said: “The experience will be very much like that in an aeroplane although there will be a period of about 30 seconds when passengers will experience weightlessness and will be able to float around the cabin.”

The Zero2 Infinity Company develops technologies and flight solutions for suborbital trips, which are affordable and eco-friendly. Zero2Infinity will launch in 2015 commercial flights and will expand their target to families and couples. Currently, they perform flight tests and are searching for investors for their projects.

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