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High Roller – World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel Opens in Las Vegas

March 31, 2014 was the date when the world’s tallest Ferris wheel opened on the Las Vegas Strip. It is called “High Roller” and it stands at 550 foot tall, it sports a 520-foot diameter giant wheel and is taller than the previous record holder, the Singapore Flyer by 9 feet and almost 100 foot tall than the London Eye.

High Roller 3

High Roller  4

The wheel features 28 glass enclosed cabins, which can fit up to 40 people each and it moves at a comfortable speed of 1 foot per second, being necessary 30 minutes to make one complete rotation that offers beautiful view of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding valley.

The image of the High Roller becomes even more spectacular at night, when 2,000 LED lights illuminate it.

High Roller  11

High Roller  8

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