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Healthy Reasons to Eat Chocolate Every Day

Even if it seems hard to believe that a delicious desert can be recommended in a diet, most doctors recommend eating this tasty food. Research has shown various beneficial effects of chocolate on the human body.

The pediatrician and dietician Marlo Mittler, at the Cohen Children’s Hospital of New York, say that we should eat chocolate often.

Healthy Reasons to Eat Chocolate Every Day

Several studies have shown that a moderate but regular consumption of chocolate lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, lowers cholesterol and may even regulate insulin levels. Furthermore, cocoa flavanols improve brain health in adults.

The only bad news is that only dark chocolate has these beneficial effects. Recently, several studies have shown that these foods help people to lose weight, lowering the body mass index.

Healthy Reasons to Eat Chocolate Every Day 2

How is this thing possible, if we think that chocolate, even the black one, contains sugar, calories and fat?

Marlo Mittler explains: chocolate contains antioxidants, substances that stimulate the metabolism and thus lead to weight loss. However, you should be aware of some rules if you want to obtain these effects: eat chocolate little and often! Physical exercises and a balanced diet are also necessary!

Consumed in small quantities, dark chocolate adds energy and reduces appetite. For example, you can eat chocolate at the afternoon snack, as a shake or a bar.

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