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Hästens – The Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep

In over a century of existence, a Swedish company has developed an obsession for healthy and comfortable sleep. Just as the auto industry or fashion have their superlatives, Hästens represents the maximum quality that a bed can achieve.

Maybe it doesn’t sound very familiar, but the name Hästens hides an experience of over 100 years in the production of high quality beds. We all sleep more than a third of our lives and sleep influences all the other aspects of our existence, from our health to our mood.

Hästens Company started in 1852. Pehr Adolf Janson was opening a workshop for saddles in a small town named Koping in Sweden. After 50 years, his son Janson decided to completely change the business, and Hästens became an exclusive bed manufacturer. He used his experience, he was dedicated to details and more important, he set a new standard for sleep quality. In just five decades, the Hästens beds were recognized throughout the Kingdom and the Swedish royal family gave them the royal seal as a sign of appreciation.

Each bed that leaves the workshop is still regarded as a work of art. The Swedish manufacturer continues to believe that combining natural materials with handmade construction can lead to some of the best beds in the world. No machine can replace the skill of a craftsman, as no synthetic has the qualities needed to replace the traditional “ingredients” such as horsehair, cotton, wool, flax or pine essence from which is built the supporting bed structure. For the same reason, the construction of a single bed takes no longer than 160 hours.

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