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Guinness World Record: The Most Expensive Bed in the World by Savoir Beds

With the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th coronation anniversary, Savoir Beds decided to do something very special and innovative in the honor of this important event and made sixty editions of “The Royal State Bed”.

The pieces were recently unveiled in the New York City, and there were necessary 700 man-hours to come up with these specially designed beds.

The British manufacturer of bespoke beds Savoir Beds, has recently come up with a limited edition series of exquisite Royal beds, each of them costing a mind-boggling $175,000

These beds have set a world record for being the costliest because their price goes around $175,000. The high prices argue the incontestable value and quality of the beds, according to the Managing Director at Savoir Beds, Alistair Hughes.

The inspiration in creating these beds came from those designed in 1700’s for the British Royal Family. These beds and the throne were the only things that attracted attention during the 16th century, so anyone who wanted to see the king had to come to his bedroom, and perhaps this is the reason why the designer team at Savoir beds conceived the costliest bed in the world.

Guinness World Record The Most Expensive Bed in the World by Savoir Beds 2

Another interesting thing about them is that the mattress and the box spring are made from Latin America horse tail and Mongolian cashmere. The explanation for using horse tail is that the horse hair helps regulate body temperature and it draws the heat from the body.

There were used approximately 1600 miles of silk for the embroidered canopy roof, around 110 pounds of curled horse tail and 22 pounds of cashmere for the toppers and mattress. There were necessary 600 man-hours to design and handcraft the bed, and 100 man-hours for embroidering the crest and headboards.

The delivery period of this exclusive bed spans around 16 weeks which are necessary for the order to be placed and the delivery to materialize.

There were made 60 beds because they wanted to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the queen’s coronation.

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