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Grandiose Fletcher Amsterdam- A Symbol of Sustainability

22 Apr 2013 by admin

With its cylindrical form and round windows, the first Fletcher hotel opened in Amsterdam has the potential of a landmark building of the city. Beyond its futuristic design, the construction shows an increased attention to the environment.

Grandiose Fletcher Amsterdam- A Symbol of Sustainability 1

Fletcher Amsterdam is the living proof that the spectacular design doesn’t have to be a punishment for the environment. Inaugurated for the tourists in January 2013, the futuristic building looks like a cylindrical Schweitzer due to the round windows and serves as a landmark for the east side of the city.

Grandiose Fletcher Amsterdam- A Symbol of Sustainability 2

The hotel features 120 rooms, five rooms for multifunctional meetings, a gym and also a terrace for the smokers, a bar and two restaurants. Placed on the last level, the Pi restaurant is emphasized by an open kitchen, but most of all, by the panoramic view over the city. On top of the saloon, it was suspended the biggest candelabra in the world, a light fixture that weighs 1500 kilos.

Grandiose Fletcher Amsterdam- A Symbol of Sustainability 4

Placed in a traffic zone, at the intersection of the highways A2 and A9, Fletcher compensates with interior elegance. The design was cataloged “eco-chic”, a current that Robert Kolenik seems to respect no matter the project on which he is working on. Confronted with the unusual shape of a round construction, the Dutchman managed to create an elegant atmosphere in the common spaces of a building and an extremely elegant one in the interior of the rooms. Kolenik tried to be careful with the environment as much as possible.

Grandiose Fletcher Amsterdam- A Symbol of Sustainability 5

In the logic of the “Eco-chic” projection, the structure of the furniture pieces is made out of a composite obtained from agricultural residues, the pillows are filled with soy-based foam and the feathers are from organic raised chickens. The whale-shaped piano is missing the ivory keys, being made out of a recycled material as well.

The efforts of Robert Kolenik along with those of the architecture office BenthemCrouwel, have brought the Fletcher Amsterdam hotel the title of Green Key Gold, the highest standard of sustainability in this field.