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Google’s New Moto X Smartphone

The first phone produced entirely by Google through its own capacities, aims to dishabituate users from touching so much the screen or the hardware buttons. Moto X can be controlled by the voce, displays important information directly on the main screen and benefits by sensors that make the owner’s life easier.

Google’s New Moto X Smartphone 1

Google presented Moto X, the first smartphone that can be truly names a “Googlephone”. After the intelligent phones Nexus, produced in collaboration with HTC, Samsung and LG, the American giant bought Motorola two years ago, and Moto X is the first smartphone projected and integrally produced through private means, from the hardware to the operating system.

Google’s New Moto X Smartphone 2

Moto X integrates all the free services offered by Google and describes clearly the development direction of the Android operating system to a much easier control of the functions, without the need of touching the screen or the hardware buttons. Touchless control allows the user to check the weather and receive guidance lines. The smartphone answers frequently to the phrase “Okay Google Now”, which followed by a voice command can initiate a Google search or start a song. The function Active Display brings all the important notifications (e-mails, missed calls, messages) on the main screen of the phone and allows their moderation without unlocking the operating system, reducing in this way the number of necessary interactions.


The way of using the camcorder is an interesting innovation brought the Moto X. The phone promises high quality images in two easy steps and completely eliminates the shutter button, the user being able to trigger the capture by a single click anywhere on the screen.


Moto X runs the Android 4.2.2, has a 4.7 inch screen, a memory of 16 GB ( and an addition of 50 GB storage space in Google Drive – free for 2 years), a camera with 10 megapixels resolution and promises an operating range of 24 hours in normal use and 13 hours of talk. In addition the Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, the Google smartphone benefits from the help of two processors, one being dedicated to interpreting the natural human language.

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